University of Southampton

If you are a member of the University of Southampton, please note that ZendTo has already been setup for you and is available at

It's Free

ZendTo is completely free of charge, requiring no licence, installation or subscription fees. Free assistance is provided through mailing lists and email.



ZendTo was originally based on the "Dropbox" package written by the University of Delaware, but now has many differences. I am eternally grateful to them. It does not have, and never has had, any relation whatsoever to the commercial service available at That is a totally different product, and is nothing more than an accidental name clash.


MyZendTo is the brother of ZendTo. Only your users can access MyZendTo, there is no public access. Each user has their own list of drop-offs (each one a collection of related files) and can download and upload files from anywhere using their web browser. It effectively provides a simple web-based filestore for your users. It includes support for per-user storage quotas.

If your users have a tendency to email files to their public email accounts so they can access them at home or on the move, you can get them to use MyZendTo instead. Then the files are all stored on your own servers and not floating around in hackable email accounts on other companies' systems.

Each user has a space quota limiting the total size of all their files stored in MyZendTo. This quota is set when the user is created with the 'adduser.php' script, and is updated with the 'setquota.php' script. Even if the user authentication is done using another authenticator, such as Active Directory, the user will still need a quota set with the 'adduser.php' and 'setquota.php' scripts.

Setup is very simple, just set "MYZENDTO" to "TRUE" in preferences.php, and move your DocumentRoot to "myzendto.www" instead of "www".